About the Leadership & Shop Stewards Development Program

 The shop stewards and leadership development program is aimed at developing the capacity of leadership and shop stewards to improve the quality of service to our members and grow the union.


How to use this course manual

This manual belongs to you and NEHAWU members. It is designed to serve as a guide for the duration of your training course and as a resource afterwards. It contains reading, activities/exercises and application tools that will assist you in developing skills and knowledge.



 The detailed learning material will be presented using lectures, group discussions, case studies and activities/exercises. Participants would be requested to complete assignments, and present information during plenary sessions. An experiential learning approach will be followed throughout the program which will consist of experience, sharing, interpretation, generalisation and practical application.The facilitator will guide you through the manual. Feel free to make notes and diagrams that may help you clarify or retain information. Jot down things that work well or ideas that come from the group. Also note any points that you’d like to explore further. Participate actively in the activities/exercises as they will give you an opportunity to gain insights from other people’s experiences and to practice the skills. Don’t forget to share your own experience and to practice the skills. In addition, don’t forget to share your own experiences so that others can learn from you.